Who invests in Axiom Equities?

Our firm’s passive investment partners are typically individuals who understand real estate investing, but are not in a position to allocate the necessary time and energy required to seek out, purchase, and manage a real estate investment. Axiom Equities allows investors to enjoy the benefits of real estate investing without involving them in the day-to-day operations of the company or its property.

What kind of properties does Axiom Equities buy?

Our firm’s primary focus is multifamily properties. However, we do consider real estate in a number of different asset classes. All holdings are chosen with a good location, strong appreciation potential, and steady cash flow in mind.

What's the minimum I need to invest?

Your standard minimum is $50,000. The firm will accommodate individuals wanting to participate in an investment within their self-directed IRA.

How is Axiom Equities compensated?

Our compensation is always fully disclosed and is typically a blend of acquisition fees and ownership participation.

How do I learn more about investing?

Contact us at info@axiomequities.com to learn more about upcoming investment opportunities.


For specific information regarding real estate investment opportunities with Axiom Equities, please send us a message.

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